среда, 20. август 2014.


1. maxi dress
2. black dress
3. heels
4. swimsuit 

I recently heard about amiclubwear store. I needed black simple heels with the strap and ended up finding the perfect pair in there. I also ended up getting something more than just the shoes hehe.. oh well, i just couldn't resist these dresses. 
The coral one reminded me of the beach immediately. I thought about getting a nice tan, strapped flat sandals to go with it, a floppy straw hat too... ah, i just had to have it. Then two rows below, there was also this black dress. I decided to choose between this two, but i wasn't able to do it. so i got the other one as well. 
I always wanted this kind of swimsuit, i saw it only once on a blogger and thought about getting the one since then. I find it in this store and i'm more than satisfied how it's made and how great it suits. 
I have been very positively surprised by the quality of this items, and i will be getting back to this online store very often i think.

This heels are my new favorites. They are simple, yet, elegant when you need them to be..
I like how they look good with anything you pair them with, jeans, shorts, dresses... they are a nice match to any outfit.

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