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I'm still into the studed details. They look the best on jackets, makes me want to put them on every one i have.

Leather items

Leather got back in 2013 and stayed as a  trend this season as well.  It had a reputation of "biker look" , but now it's  among the hottest materials for fall. 
As a part of outfit it grabs a lot of attention so avoid paring them with anything that can distract vision from them. When choosing the color, the black one is the best choice. Playing with the other colors can be very risky. 

See the best ways of combining leather with the rest of items.


Leather pants in black mat is a big wanted item.
Making an outfit with this piece can be done in many ways.
Combine your leather pants with white shirt, you can even add a black, white or nude blazer over it, 
you are guaranteed to look both – trendy and elegant. 
Scarves and big bags are a great essentials.
During the winter, fur or even coats are acceptable with leather. 
Going with a shirt or a sweater that has a longer back, is good to cover the parts behind, since leather pants can't fit very good as a pair of jeans.

Choose the right footwear

The safest way is to wear black footwear. For a casual look go for a stylish pair of ankle boot. Open toe of booties and shoes looks fine with leather pants. For a more dressier look try a nice pair of heels with your outfit, studded ones are another great options to go with. 


A graphic shirt is definitely a good choice for the days when you want to look casual. Matching it with sneakers and converses is what you also need. 
Going for the edgy and rock vibe is easy to pull off. Pair your leather shorts with longer vest,  gold or silver chains, sometimes with studded booties too. Rock the look with the dark sunglasses. 
For more of a casual, but feminine look, choose the simple plain sweater, One side tucked in the shorts is  always a good idea. 
Leather on leather with, shorts and jacket with it, can look good. But don't get overboard with the details. 


They come in all lengths and types, but the ones above the knee are most wearable.  
During the summer time, skirts are not recommended since it's too hot, but celebrities and fashionistas  around the world use them during any season. 

Combining long cardigans with the skirt is perfect for the fall. It gives you an extra layer to keep you warm, but still makes you stylish enough. Match it with the booties. Also, add the tights to it if you're afraid of getting cold. 
Sneakers with the leather skirt can be tricky. Keep it casual by adding a graphic t shirt or plain top. 
Denim and the leather are a great match together. If you're going for this kind of outfit, combine it with the most simple heels. 

Which leather item do you like the most? How do you like to style it? 

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MAXI SKIRT - How to wear it

These skirts have a place in every woman's wardrobe, they are comfy and easy to wear. No matter what your height is you can always pull off wearing a maxi skirt by choosing the right length, matching it well with the top, and also finding the right shoes to accompany the outfit. 
When choosing a maxi skirt, make sure that it starts from your waist or the tiniest part of it. If you feel like you are tripping on it down below, the length of the skirt should be smaller. 
Good thing about owning a maxi skirt is that you can wear that one piece for many occasions. Black, white, rosy, grey, nude, navy blue or a skirt with a nice print, they all can be a perfect choice for an elegant look. Tops with thiny straps look sophisticated. Plain color works great for keeping the elegance too. Choose statement necklaces, big ring, nice pair of heels and a clutch, it all goes well with it. 
The top and the skirt should complement each other in order to keep a nice flow in the outfit.

Casual look

When you're going for more of a casual look, be free to experiment a little.  
Crop tops are the main thing that  goes well with maxis. If you want to show your figure, tight maxi skirt and a crop top with some wrapping heels is a good answer to that. If your tummy is showing out while wearing such short cropped top, don't get overboard with your necklaces, choose something simple, short or the choker necklace perhaps.
Knitted tops are what fashionistas find great to match with this kind of skirt. And why not? As long as it looks good combined and weather appropriate , it's cool.
Tucked shirts and graphic tops are great when you want to keep the look casual.
Hats and big bags are great essentials to go with maxi skirts.
When you want something over it as an extra layer, denim jackets are a good combination. Motor jackets are there for a rock and edgy look. Denim vests and cardigans are in the choices as well.
For a footwear, choose flip flops for a beach. Espadrilles or flats for a walk. Heels for more of a feminine but still casual look, so don't get carried away, choose something simple as heels with one staple and open toes. 

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I can't get enough of this store http://www.amiclubwear.com/   
They have an amazing clothes, great quality and low price! 
Everything fits good and the sizes are as shown, no mistake. 
I'd definitely recommend this store to everyone. Whatever you're looking for, you will find in there! Go check it out ;)


All black in casual style, and heels in other color to keep it away from boring, is what i like the most. This whole outfit looks great!

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Hats are really making a statement this summer. They draw attention to your face and your outfit , so try hard to make a good choice while buying one and pay attention how you style and how you wear it.

Fedoras and panama hats

How stylish do these girls look, right? Hats can really pull out the best of the whole outfit and make it standout.
During the summer, straw fedoras are the perfect choice. They give 
 ventilation and can keep your head cool. The best hairstyles to go with this kind of hat is   a low ponytail or bun. But if you want to keep it down, light and wide curls or straight hair works fine too. 
Outfits with fedoras are countless, they go with almost any clothes, jewelry, accessories, footwear. Just make sure you style the colors well.  
Neutrals such as beige, white, grey are great for the summer time. Burgundy, navy blue, olive are good during the fall. 

Floppy hat

Floppy hats are very ladylike.  
During the colder days, wearing the wool hat with outfit that has a fur item can look very sophisticated.  
Keeping your outfit casual can be done with shirt dress and the belt around the waist, strappy flats and a big bag. 
For a feminine look, tight dresses and simple jewelry is a good choice.  
If going for a boho style, maxi dresses, scarves, gladiators, layered necklaces and rings are what you need. 
Big sunglasses looks great with this kind of hat. 

When summer comes, change your wool floppy hat with the new straw one. They are great for the beach walks and warm days when you need a shade from the sun. 

Hat for the winter

Woolen black hat combined with the black outfit is the best choice for the winter. It can protect you from the wind and hide the bad hair day, and we all have those days during the winter time. 
Going for this kind of hat is when you want to look feminine, which beanies can't achieve.  
Brown woolen hat can work well too, but make sure you wear a coat that is in the shades of brown or beige. Or you can pair it with the similar shade booties.

Beanie - summer/winter

There are a lot of those who likes to experiment and wear winter made items during the summer time, but not everyone feels like that.  
Beanies paired with the shorts or sheer tops do look cool sometimes, but your head doesn't feel cool that's for sure. 

When it's cold outside and you want to jump into something casual and comfy, beanies are there to keep you warm on the very top. Paired with sneakers or boots, while wearing cardigans or other extra layers, they will work with anything.

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I like how this outfit seem so unstoppable.
Short shirt/dress gives the sexy look, while sneakers keep it casual. Headband is giving a rockish kind of feel to this whole outfit.

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EARLY FALL - outfit examples

After the sun, beach, night walks and hot weather, in the middle of August we tend to think about how summer went so fast and how fall is getting more closer.  
Burgundy, gray, olive, beige, brown and black are the most used colors during the autumn. Get a pick into this outfits and see how to style yourself for the upcoming season. 

Casual - edgy look

This season trends were definitely a plaid shirts and all time favorite - leather items. Don't forget about them in the next months, because these pieces will help you look very stylish during the fall, especially when you want to get the edgy look. 

Aviator jackets are still in the trend, they look great with slightly ripped skinny jeans and booties. Aviator sunglasses are always a good choice with leather jackets, especially with the one of this type. 

Burgundy pants goes best with the black and gray tops. Wear a long cardigan in a black color, pair it with open toe shoes or buckle booties. You can wrap the black scarf around the neck if you want. Metallic jewelry would look good with this combination. 

Jackets in color and prints are this season  favorite piece for some of us. When you want to rock them with the edgy look, do that by pairing it with a good pair of boots, big bag and a beanie. 

Plaid shirts are looking good under the denim jacket or a leather one. But do they look even better wrapped around your waist? Oh yes. At least when you decide to go for the edgy and rocking
  look. Sneakers and plain shirt under all those layers would be perfect. But if you want to get on some heels, the ankle booties with chunky heel are the one you need.  

Casual business - with white pants

White pants are good choice when you want a fresh fall look when you go to your job place. All white or a touch of beige, is giving the sophisticated look. Layered necklace or a simple thin one, will be good choice to make when your shirt doesn't go all the way to your neck. Watches associate to business. Tote bag or a letter bags are the ones that go well with this kind of outfits. Make sure you choose neutral pumps and plain clothes to get the perfect casual work outfit.

Casual outfits during the day

Sweaters and fine knits are why we love to dress for the fall. 
Since we want to keep it casual, choose the footwear without the heel. Shoulder bags are mostly chosen among the rest. 
When you wear a beige sweater, brown details are what goes the best with it. 
Match different shades of grey into the outfit. Light grey sweater with the dark grey jeans, with even lighter or darker color of the scarf. Converses can be a fine match with this look. 
Jeans goes with any color of the top, but you can pick ones that are among "the autumn colors" .  

Casual on heels

Any outfit from this example can look good with the boots or sneakers, but when you want to look more feminine, just put on some heels and you're good to go.  

TIPS for the fall  

Jeans, leather jackets, long cardigans it all can be styled amazing, don't be afraid to experiment with the colors. 
Beanies and floppy hats, chunky heel booties, scarfs and big bags are definitely an amazing essentials for the fall. 

Hopefully, you got some ideas by looking at these outfits and reading the text. Get yourself ready for the fall, it will be here very soon.  

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1. maxi dress
2. black dress
3. heels
4. swimsuit 

I recently heard about amiclubwear store. I needed black simple heels with the strap and ended up finding the perfect pair in there. I also ended up getting something more than just the shoes hehe.. oh well, i just couldn't resist these dresses. 
The coral one reminded me of the beach immediately. I thought about getting a nice tan, strapped flat sandals to go with it, a floppy straw hat too... ah, i just had to have it. Then two rows below, there was also this black dress. I decided to choose between this two, but i wasn't able to do it. so i got the other one as well. 
I always wanted this kind of swimsuit, i saw it only once on a blogger and thought about getting the one since then. I find it in this store and i'm more than satisfied how it's made and how great it suits. 
I have been very positively surprised by the quality of this items, and i will be getting back to this online store very often i think.

This heels are my new favorites. They are simple, yet, elegant when you need them to be..
I like how they look good with anything you pair them with, jeans, shorts, dresses... they are a nice match to any outfit.

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LACE - what to wear with it?

Lace has come a long way from being an old fashionable item to the biggest trend this season.  It's been modified and upgraded and whatever kind of lace you wear now, there will be no mistake. 
From dresses to shoes, bags, shirts and shorts, lace can be a part of any item. 

You can find them in various styles- from long to sleeveless, one shoulder to wrap neckline. It can be worn for both dressy and casual occasions.  Whether your style is  ladylike, conservative, edgy rock, chic or provocative there's a room for all of it.  

-By keeping the accessories simple and sophisticated you won't take the spotlight from the beautiful lace details.
-the best length of lace dress is right on or above the knee.
-choose white or black, other choice of color can make it look cheap.


If you're going for more of a edgy look, choose the leather jacket and booties to pair it with.  
For the casual look, jeans and shorts with lace top and flats are good choice. 
Going for the boho style? By choosing your outfit, add a vintage bag and chunky accessorize, but keep it minimalistic. 
Beach styles have more variations. There are lace swimsuits now, kimonos, bags, all kind of items... there is a lot of space to choose what to wear on the beach.  

Here are a few beach examples with jumpsuit, dress, with shorts and top.