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LACE - what to wear with it?

Lace has come a long way from being an old fashionable item to the biggest trend this season.  It's been modified and upgraded and whatever kind of lace you wear now, there will be no mistake. 
From dresses to shoes, bags, shirts and shorts, lace can be a part of any item. 

You can find them in various styles- from long to sleeveless, one shoulder to wrap neckline. It can be worn for both dressy and casual occasions.  Whether your style is  ladylike, conservative, edgy rock, chic or provocative there's a room for all of it.  

-By keeping the accessories simple and sophisticated you won't take the spotlight from the beautiful lace details.
-the best length of lace dress is right on or above the knee.
-choose white or black, other choice of color can make it look cheap.


If you're going for more of a edgy look, choose the leather jacket and booties to pair it with.  
For the casual look, jeans and shorts with lace top and flats are good choice. 
Going for the boho style? By choosing your outfit, add a vintage bag and chunky accessorize, but keep it minimalistic. 
Beach styles have more variations. There are lace swimsuits now, kimonos, bags, all kind of items... there is a lot of space to choose what to wear on the beach.  

Here are a few beach examples with jumpsuit, dress, with shorts and top.

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