понедељак, 30. јун 2014.

            Casual look on heels

                                                     CASUALITY ON HEELS

It's comfy and simple. I like how the heels give the outfit that elegant touch, but the look still stays casual.

недеља, 29. јун 2014.


Most of the time i don't like seeing sporty sneakers combined with elegant clothes or dresses, as well as with skirts, like they pair it now. I simple don't see myself wearing that or liking it. Although, sneakers do can look good as a part of a casual outfit, even with a casual dress, combined with Converse or even Isabel Marant sneakers....but the other thing is wearing Nike's and Adidas with elegant clothes, the effect of that just doesn't give me positive fashion thinking :)

Here are a few styles with sneakers that i like:

недеља, 22. јун 2014.

simple to wear


It's the casual style that most of us love to wear. To "get the look" of this outfit set is very easy. I think no one will have to go shopping and buy something to be able to copy this look, because.. basic shorts, simple top, a wallet and a pair of flats is what i'm sure you already have, and that's all you  need + some accessories ;)

среда, 18. јун 2014.

Stretch marks


In the set i gave a few examples about what can be helpful with making stretch marks less visible and what can keep your skin healthy and shiny. 

I don’t know what exactly made me to make a post about stretch marks. Maybe because they got to be my biggest insecurity right now…and it’s maybe one of yours as well? 
I’m trying to prevent them in many ways, putting lotions on my body and oils, taking vitamins, doing massages and everything else, but i know that they won’t go away. They will get less visible, yes, but they will also stay. And i guess i will have to accept that.

We live in a world where society make us worry so much about the external beauty and that makes us, especially women “desperate” to look better. And you know what? I DO want to look better, but not for other people, but for myself! And i don’t care if i continue to get stretch marks, they are part of me and i will learn to embrace them.

Funny thing is that most people think that the person with stretch marks have it because they do not pay much attention to their body, health or other things. but that is not true. i for example, love to exercise, work out, make my body moisturize with lotions and many other things. But i got my stretch marks in puberty,cause of growth. That’s something that you can’t affect on! I am still getting them, God knows why, but im ignoring them the best i can :) Pregnancy also makes stretch marks appear, and what, none of ladies should have babies because they will get marks on the body?? Of course not. Should we worry about the break up with our man once they see how much marks we're getting? No! He will stay if he loves you, and only a foolish man would find them disturbing.

We should think twice before we start hating stretch marks and think about it as the part of our body... i'm trying, you try that too :)

*my silly thought now*excuse my thinking here*
maybe it would be great if all ladies with stretch marks unite and start writing,talking and thinking about them as the beautiful part of woman body, and then with some magic we make them "modern" and all the girls start wishing to have them ^.^ hihi.. oh just kiddin'. yea, that's the silly thought, but hey, why not ;)

недеља, 15. јун 2014.

                                    WHAT I'd WEAR                    
                       Hard floral

среда, 11. јун 2014.

Chain necklace

Chain necklace

I'm in love with this kind of necklaces, all types are welcome. It gives the outfit that cool look and it can be combined with anything. This is so far my favorite piece of jewelry at the moment.

уторак, 10. јун 2014.


My favorite Michael Kors watches in gold. If I had to choose which one i like the most, i couldn't. When I look at them, I just want to put  all four on the arm and wear them everywhere , yes, i would look a bit crazy, but who cares...at least i won't be late anywhere...and that's what watches are for ;)  just kiddin'.
However, to tell the truth, i even forgot that watches are made to help us be on time somewhere and  to show us how much o'clock is... now, i put the watch because either it matches my outfit good or i need some more accessories on my hand :) Something tells me i'm not the only one ....