четвртак, 05. новембар 2015.


This was my first time visiting Victoria's Secret Store..we don't have it in here or any other country near by, so of course, I used the opportunity to visit it while i was in Toronto. Unfortunately, i did not have a lot of free time to browse around the store and check out the products... I came in, saw the Fragrance Mist section, smelt a few, picked up this two that were my favorites and went out. Then i went in again, went straight for the little fragrance mist that were on the shelf, i got a few for my girls as a little present, and again went out really quickly. 
I bet i looked suspicious to the workers :) 
Hopefully, my next visit to this store will be a bit longer..
By the way, these two, Pure Attraction and Total Seduction, are simple divineeee. LOVE IT!

недеља, 10. мај 2015.