понедељак, 16. март 2015.

               THE BUZZ IS ABOUT- NIKE Roshe Run

These sneakers were everywhere on my screen! Every blog had them, tumblr, polyvore... the buzz was real! I liked them from the start and decided to buy them.
They are pretty and the comfort is amazing.
I was very satisfied, until today, when i noticed that the mesh fabric is tearing on the front. I had them for only 2 weeks, i didn't even wore them that much! I wonder how long would they even last if i actually RAN in them * Roshe Run- i just ignored that other part of the name in my lazy life hehe*
I am not sure if the tearing will stop or it will spread more, but one thing is for sure, these sneakers will not last very much. I guess i  will enjoy in them while the mesh tearing doesn't become very noticeable.

2 коментара:

  1. ah that's so disappointing that they ripped!! I'll have to see what I think of them considering I ordered them last week (basically the same pair you have haha. twins!!)


    1. Ah, good luck dear. I hope yours will somehow last longer :)