среда, 08. октобар 2014.

It’s finally fall and my wardrobe needs some new things inside, asap.
Today i was getting ready to go for a walk and drink with my friends. When i stood in front of my closet not being able to find a great match and perfect outfit combination with the clothes i have, i knew that i need some shopping to do :) When i plan a huge fashion haul, i always gather some inspirational pictures that i find interesting, also, pics of the items i want to buy or at least similar ones. I think that method is very helpful. Since i don’t want to buy the stuff i don’t actually need and spend a huge amount of money, i make a few outfit choices in my mind, with the things i have and with the things that would go well with it. So, i just buy those pieces i don’t own yet ;)

Here are some of my inspirations before i go shopping for it

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  1. Cool inspo! I need some new things too. It's becoming more and more cold, where I live...

    1. Here as well. i doubt we'll have a long fall this year though.. it's already too much cold. I better start enjoying this weather while i still can :)